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Book cover for Who Moved My Holy Hand Grenade?

Who Moved my Holy Hand Grenade? Everything I Needed to Know in Business, I Learned in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (The Corporate Drone’s Handbook)  is a humorous journey that covers everything you need to know about business from management fundamentals, like corporate culture and competitive strategy, to real-life skills, like how to suck up properly. Using Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail as an analogy for the pursuit of corporate success, readers will learn about such mythical creatures as the ideal leader, the break-through strategy, and the perfect plan. But this isn’t just any version of Arthurian legend, it’s the Monty Python retelling!  So it’s chock full of phony models, mock quizzes, cartoons, and fake vocabulary because, to be honest, most business books are dreadfully dull, and this one isn’t!

Beware, though, this handbook isn’t just a primer or a parody, it draws from the current thinking in science and economics to challenge some conventional management practices. Funny and sarcastic, yet pragmatic and intelligent, this book is for people who want to succeed in business without losing their sanity or their sense of humor.