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Background and experience

I started my career as a scientist and engineer in a military think-tank after graduating with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in engineering from MIT. There I worked in electronic materials as part of the SDI program and developed a new method to make materials used in satellites stronger.


Bored with the slow pace of R&D, I then embarked on a career in management consulting. I started with Deloitte Haskins & Sells and specialized in Supply Chain and Manufacturing, implementing MRP II systems, improving efficiencies, and implementing just-in-time practices. After they merged with Touche Ross, I left to join Gemini Consulting and specialized in Supply Chain and New Product Development and Introduction. My work at Gemini included developing strategies, many process reengineering projects, and lots of change management including training, team work, communications, and other OD types of work. At Gemini, I also worked as a Training Manager and developed training courses for both new hires and seasoned consultants, concentrating on project management and soft skills.  When Gemini was absorbed into Cap Gemini E&Y, I left to start my own training and consulting company where I specialized in teaching business skills to .com and IT professionals.


After 15 years in consulting, I decided to take a real job at Pfizer and took a position to create a Training Dept for their IT group that was responsible for all the applications and systems training associated with software rollouts. Once the department was created and performing, I moved into an international role where I initiated and oversaw projects to improve the supply chain and new product development and introduction in the Asia-Pacific region. In that position, I also supported innovation, project governance, CRM, and business divestiture and integration initiatives.  From Pfizer, I became part of Johnson and Johnson in a position responsible for overseeing the online marketing initiatives for the consumer healthcare business. After J&J, I briefly joined an Australian software company that sold marketing and new product development software to help them open a US office.


Founding partner of Wilpheligan LLC, a web development company that disbanded in 2003. Co-founder of Lineson LLC which is a holding company for a variety of businesses including ToolLines and Chalkupshop, Lineson SEO/SEM Consulting, Lineson E-commerce and IT solutions, and the Business Realist Consulting and Coaching.


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See, hear, say no evil

Reality Checks

Steeped in processes, procedures, and methodologies, people often don't see how they can get the same results without all the work. It's like not seeing the forest for the trees.

tug of war

Common Problems

 Large initiatives often go awry due to some common problems that usually have little to do with the content of the issues being addressed.

Bending over backwards

Specific Initiatives

Innovation, Supply Chain, Process Reengineering, and New Product Development initiatives each have their own particular foibles.

Training seminar


Much of our behavior is not governed by our logical mind. We persist in bad habits and unproductive behaviors despite knowing that they are harmful.  It's not our logical mind at the controls; it's our subconscious mind calling the shots.  Yet, the majority of our training is directed at our logical mind.

Coaching in locker room


True to my purpose of finding the easy way to change behavior, I use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to help you reach your goals. I don't use notebooks, logs, or require much in the way of self-discipline

Overwhelmed by papers on desk

Sanity Savers

Although we worry about the big issues, like meeting a project deadline or getting a software upgrade right, more often it's the little things that wear us down, like being overloaded with email, endless meetings that serve no purpose, conference calls that never reach a conclusion,.....


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Featured Neologisms

Undue diligence   –
the endless process of collecting more information in order to avoid making a decision
Team vynamics   -
Group behavior wherein individuals at a meeting vie for dominance