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Person sitting cross-legged on floorThe business realist has moved onto other things.

It has been a while since I updated this site because I have moved onto better things. I have teamed up with two partners to form Operating Principals, a consulting company devoted to replacing onerous human resource policies and systems with practices that work.

While many companies complain that their biggest problems are the lack of innovation and employee engagement, what they don't realize is that their business practices create these problems. Incentive compensation based on goal achievement leaves no room for innovation, competency models promote mediocrity, and punishments and rewards prohibit collaboration. All these policies treat employees like self-interested, unthinking beings so that is what they create.

For more information, please visit the Operating Principals site and our blog. I will keep this site up because I still get many visits, especially to the download section with my cache of useful powerpoints.



Much of our time is spent on non-value adding activities. These reality checks will help you get results without the pointless effort.  

See, hear, say no evil

Reality Checks 

Steeped in processes, procedures, and methodologies, people often don't see how they can get the same results without all the work. It's like not seeing the forest for the trees.

tug of war

Common Problems 

 Large initiatives often go awry due to some common problems that usually have little to do with the content of the issues being addressed.

Bending over backwards

Specific Initiatives 

Innovation, Supply Chain, Process Reengineering, and New Product Development initiatives each have their own particular foibles.

Training seminar


Much of our behavior is not governed by our logical mind. We persist in bad habits and unproductive behaviors despite knowing that they are harmful.  It's not our logical mind at the controls; it's our subconscious mind calling the shots.  Yet, the majority of our training is directed at our logical mind.

Coaching in locker room


True to my purpose of finding the easy way to change behavior, I use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to help you reach your goals. I don't use notebooks, logs, or require much in the way of self-discipline

Overwhelmed by papers on desk

Sanity Savers

Although we worry about the big issues, like meeting a project deadline or getting a software upgrade right, more often it's the little things that wear us down, like being overloaded with email, endless meetings that serve no purpose, conference calls that never reach a conclusion,.....


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Got Ideas? 

A pile of light bulbsIf you have some ideas for articles, please drop me a note or leave a comment. If you have an article you'd like to contribute or link to,  I will be happy to publish your link and ensure that you get attributed.

Featured Neologisms 

Issue revolution  –
the serial routing of a  problem or concern to numerous parties so that it eventually ends up back with the originator
Multi-tedia presentation  -
using video, soundtracks and other media in an attempt to enliven an otherwise coma-inducing presentation