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Learning business skills can be fun! The silliness of Monty Python and the Holy Grail can be used to illustrate many fundamental business lessons.

Everything I needed to learn in business, I learned from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Posted  on 3/15/11

Knight holding a sword This series uses the movie for a humorous approach to business management training. They can be adapted to anywhere from 90-minutes  to 3-hour formats.  Here are the classes currently available:

If she weighs more than a duck, she must be a witch: Understanding cognitive biases and how they impact our decision-making

This class walks through the scene and highlights the well-known cognitive biases being used to decide if she is, indeed, a witch. Unfortunately, many corporate decisions fall prey to the same erroneous thinking.  Covers hindsight bias, confirmation bias, repetition bias, cascade effect among others.

Banging coconuts: Creating an awareness of cultural differences, both corporate and regional, that affect our perspectives

This class reviews some of the cultural differences across countries and distills corporate cultures to five dimensions.  It also covers some cultural dysfunctions that companies should be aware of.  Students will walk away with a greater appreciation of the different values and motivations behind cultural traditions.

Sir Arthurs minstrels: Having the right song and dance to communicate your vision

This class introduces NLP concepts to explore how people think differently, are motivated differently, and respond to different communication styles. The NLP overview includes the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic styles of communication and to NLP metaprograms.

The giant wooden rabbit: Planning fallacy and systems thinking

This class discusses the concept of planning fallacy and then provides a better alternative to traditional planning - systems thinking.

Sir Launcelot and his idiom: Strategy development and the pitfalls with competitive strategy

The class walks through the basics of strategy development and the common tools, but then discusses how and why many companies fail due to poor strategies. We'll look at tools to determine if a strategy is a realistic and long-term plan for success.



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