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I offer a variety of training courses that cover fundamental business skills, the use of NLP to communicate better, and humor-based courses on cognitive biases and dimensions of culture.

Training Classes

Posted  on 10/06/09

Person teaching a classBusiness Fundamentals, Sanity Savers, and NLP 


Sanity Savers Series

 60-90 min training courses on how to alleviate some common work place issues:

Effective Meetings
Virtual Collaboration
How to Manage Email


Fundamental Business Skills

Leading Teams and Team Development

Analytical Problem Solving – Seven step process that includes root cause tools

Communicating Effectively - Using the U-It-I model and At-a-glance formats

Writing Effective Presentations

Seven-step Brainstorming Technique (including tips on creative brainstorming)

Coaching and Feedback for Performance Improvement


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) -Based Classes for Businesses

Intro to NLP Series: Each class is 90 minutes in duration. The Intro session should be a prerequisite, but not completely needed for the other sessions. Otherwise, the sessions are independent of each other.  These are classes that are  tailored to particular business needs.
Class 1:  Introduction to NLP
·         Positive intentions
·         Submodalities
Class 2: Determining your and others’ preferred thinking mode
·         Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic wording
Class 3:  Identifying language patterns that are helpful and harmful

See also the Lazy Person's Guide to Business Success Training Series and

Everything I needed to learn in business, I learned from Monty Python and the Holy Grail


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Retention tips

The key to remembering and practicing what you've learned is to create a new process in the brain. People learn from their emotions most easily, e.g. a mistake, but people also relate to stories and analogies. Creating a discovery process, either through an experience or the Socratic method, is much more effective than spoon-feeding the material.

Woman's feet up on desk

Lazy Person's Guide

Communicating, motivating, and collaborating are important business skills that should be intuitive skills. The Lazy Person's Guide teaches these important skills without steps or memorization. The Lazy Person's Guide appeals the emotional or subconscious mind rather than the logical mind to create "aha" moments. 

Training seminar


Many of our actions, behaviors, and habits are governed by our subconscious mind. Using logic and reasoning to change behaviors is ineffective. Knowing something and doing something are very different things. Creating experiences, especially emotional ones, is the most effective method of conducting training.

Training seminar


Much of our behavior is not governed by our logical mind. We persist in bad habits and unproductive behaviors despite knowing that they are harmful.  It's not our logical mind at the controls; it's our subconscious mind calling the shots.  Yet, the majority of our training is directed at our logical mind.

Coaching in locker room


True to my purpose of finding the easy way to change behavior, I use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to help you reach your goals. I don't use notebooks, logs, or require much in the way of self-discipline

Overwhelmed by papers on desk

Sanity Savers

Although we worry about the big issues, like meeting a project deadline or getting a software upgrade right, more often it's the little things that wear us down, like being overloaded with email, endless meetings that serve no purpose, conference calls that never reach a conclusion,.....


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Undue diligence   –
the endless process of collecting more information in order to avoid making a decision
Team vynamics   -
Group behavior wherein individuals at a meeting vie for dominance